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Portable Mini Car Aromatherapy Humidifier/Essential Oil Diffuser

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Are you stressed out in your vehicle everyday? Is the air in your car is drying out your throat, nasal passages, and skin? If so, this Portable Mini Car Aromatherapy Humidifier will make a difference in your commute and your life. Humidifiers have been shown to be ease flare-ups for anyone living with asthma and respiratory problems. If you want more than just a humidifier, turn your car into an aromatherapy spa. Fill the air with your favorite essential oil fragrance and reduce your stress and anxiety level during your commute. 

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  • Available in blue, purple, green, and pink.
  • Automatic shut-off feature.
  • Ships free anywhere in the U.S.
  • Please allow 12 to 20 days for delivery.