Handmade Hand Carved Flame Brushed Matau Pendant Necklace From New Zealand

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This Flame Brushed Matau Necklace is a hand carved bone fish hook necklace (referred to as "Hei-Matau" to the Maori people).

This necklace is extra special because of its meaning. The Maori people were great mariners and fishermen. So the Matau is one of the most powerful symbols used in Maori culture because it represents prosperity, abundance, and fertility. The wearer of a Hei-Matau is seen as a provider and protector who is strong-willed and determined to succeed in life. It also is said that the Hei-Matau provides good luck and safety for anyone traveling over water.

This handmade necklace includes a waxed braid cord with hand carved bone toggle. We also include a traditional woven presentation case and a detailed description of the meaning of the carving.

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  • Measures 60mm Long (2.4 Inches) 
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