About Us

I grew up in an environment void of inspiration and motivation.

I create and sell funny t-shirts, mugs, and home goods because I live to laugh, be inspired, and experience happiness. 
Why do I live for these things? Unfortunately, my home life was equally chaotic as the Bronx neighborhood I grew up in. Early on in life I began to envision what life could be if I just went to college, lived in certain places, and traveled to see a world outside of my community. It was not easy to feel inspired when everything around me was depressing and uninspiring. 
Strangely enough after graduating from college, living different places in the U.S., and having jobs I'd always wanted, I still was not happy. It took me a long time to realize I needed to dig deep to find the inspiration and happiness I sought in all of these external "things". I had to let go of all of the bad experiences and less than perfect childhood that I carried around like old baggage to find the inspiration and happiness I truly desired.
The creations you see in my store are the after effects of my life once I let go of all of the baggage I kept carrying around with me. My designs are made with the sole purpose of evoking inspiration, laughter, and happiness in my customers. 
Whether you are shopping for a friend, family member, co-worker, or yourself, you will find the perfect t-shirt, hoodie, canvas, throw pillow, or mug to make you smile. 
We look forward to meeting all of your online shopping needs!
Michele Davis
New York City Native for Life
Lover of All Things Fun and Happy 
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