About Us

One home accessory at a time...

I've never been a fan of plain home decor. In fact, I consider anything plain to be just boring. I think your home should reflect comfort as well as your personality. And yes, that means your decor too.

Home Gift and More is about Bringing Comfort Home. Shopping for yourself or looking for a new homeowner gift, we have the perfect selection of home decor and housewarming gifts for men and women. I'm not just talking fluffy stuff, cute, warm things. I'm talking, decor that brings out your personality. Whether you are happy go lucky, sarcastic, or a seeker of motivation, we want to allow your personality to shine through in everything around you.

Having an online store has given me the opportunity to create some really cool decor. I just feel so proud that people can see themselves in what I create. Whether you are shopping for a friend, family member, co-worker, or yourself, you will find home decor items that are perfect for bringing comfort home. 

Customer happiness is my first priority, So, if you have any questions, need any help, etc. please email us at contactus@homegiftandmore.com and I will be happy to help you out.
We look forward to meeting all of your online shopping needs!
Michele Davis
Lover of All Things Fun and Happy 
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