About Us

Welcome to Home Gift and More!

Home Gift and More is based in Staten Island, New York. After many years working in the nonprofit industry, I sought a career change. Over the years I worked with survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence and other populations in need/crisis. Because of the intensity of the work, I often worked well beyond a 40-hour workweek while raising a child. As you can imagine working 40+ hours with individuals that are in crisis weighed me down emotionally. By 2016 I was at a stage in my career, where I was "burned out" and exhausted. While I still enjoyed nonprofit work immensely, I needed more work flexibility to ensure I have the time needed for my daughter and my own sanity.

It has always been a dream of mine to own an online retail store. I think it is fulfilling to know that people shopped at your store and found something that made them smile or brighten up their day. You might think online retail is a dramatic change from nonprofit work, but I view my work at Home Gift and More as helping people find what they need to brighten their day.  

I decided to open Home Gift and More as a general/variety store to create a diverse shopping experience for customers. I strive to operate a store that has something for everyone which is why I work with suppliers from around the world to ensure the store is stocked with a large selection of products. As a consumer, I enjoy finding most if not all of my gifts at one store. It drives me nuts when I have to hop from store to store to find everything I need. One Christmas season I shopped in so many places, I nearly went crazy trying to track all of my purchases and receipts. I thought others would appreciate how our variety store simplifies the customer shopping experience.

Home Gift and More is a small business, so I offer a personal touch with each order. Take a few minutes to look through the website and please tell your friends and family about the store! 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have a question. We can be reached via email at contactus@homegiftandmore.com.

We look forward to meeting all of your online shopping needs!



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