6 Reasons Why You Haven't Found Your Passion In Life

Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life and you just couldn't put your finger on it? Chances are that thing you're missing is passion.

Rarely do we take the time to think and ask ourselves what we are truly passionate about. Although we know life is too short to go day to day without a sense of passion and purpose in your life. However, that’s exactly the way most of us live our lives.

When it is all said and done, you want to reflect on your life feeling fulfilled...Right? So it only makes sense to spend your time and effort on something that’s meaningful to you.

So let's talk about some of the reasons you haven't found your passion in life and how to reconnect with what you love to do...

1. You lack the necessary experience. Very few of us have our lives completely mapped out even as adults. This is because we need more experience to make the determination about what we enjoy. You can’t know what it’s like to play the piano, race a car, or write a screenplay until you’ve actually spent some time doing those things. Passion comes from experience. Spend some time doing the things you think you might love to do even if it takes you outside your comfort zone.

2. You’re too comfortable and have forgotten what you love. Remember when you were growing up and had all these big dreams and ideas? Once we get to be a certain age, we tend to lose sight of our dreams and passions because we have other priorities that end up taking center stage in our lives.  Eventually you end up quickly falling into a comfort zone of convenience. Commit to breaking out of your comfort zone by spending some time thinking about what you want to accomplish in this stage of your life. Allow yourself to dream without limits, second guessing your dreams, or boundaries. Then commit to achieving something from your list this year. 

3. Your ideas lack a creative component. We are destined to be creative. Whether it’s molding the minds of children in the classroom, designing a skyscraper, or building a string of dry cleaners, many careers thrive with creativity. No one fantasizes about working in a cubicle for the rest of their lives. In most cases, your greatest passions and utmost joy will come from something that allows you to be creative. So make a list of the things you enjoy most about your career and life. Then see how you can incorporate more of what you love into your daily life. 

4. You’re projecting too far into the future. It’s easy to become discouraged if
your passion will take a long period of time to achieve. Starting a business or
getting your degree won’t happen overnight. It’s easy to think that all the
steps leading up to a big goal are meaningless. But all of those steps bring you one step closer to making your passion a reality. So break your big goals into mini goals so you are not overwhelmed and you can easily see your progress.

5. You can't seem to define what you want. Most often people have no idea what they want in life because they've never sat down and allowed themselves to dream. So when it comes to thinking about what makes them happy, they have no idea. You have to gain clarity on what it is you want from life. When you know what you want and you can write it out, it’s much easier to make decisions and put a plan of action in motion. Create a list of what you want in life. Figuring out what you enjoy and want out of life helps you reconnect with the things you are passionate about. 

6. You’re not good at dealing with discomfort. When you think about your
passion, you might feel uncomfortable. After all, if you’re sleeping in a cramped apartment with $37 dollars to your name, how will you ever become the
world’s most powerful CEO? You must be able to step out of your
comfort zone in both your mind and your actions to change your life for the better. No matter how you’ve been living in the past, you can change your future for the best. 

The difference between pursuing your passion and taking the safe, boring path is tremendous. Regardless of your age, you can begin living your passion right now. You give your best to the world and your family when you’re excited, committed, and fully engaged.


Michele Davis is an entrepreneur and owner of Home Gift and More. When she is not running her ecommerce store, she is operating in the role of Founder and CEO for New York City based Marketing Gem Solutions. She specializes in helping people transform their passion, skills, and expertise into a profitable business without complexity, overwhelm, and stress. Watch her free training at: https://marketinggemsolutions.gr8.com


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