5 Tips To Beat The Valentine's Day Blues

In our last blog, we highlighted some non-traditional ways to spend Valentine's Day with that special someone. We recognize not everyone is spending Valentine's Day with a sweetheart. There is nothing wrong with being single on Valentine's Day, so we would be remiss if we did not offer Valentine's Day activity ideas for singles too. 

Here are 5 ways singles can beat the Valentine's Day Blues:

1. Buy Yourself A Gift - You don't need a sweetheart to get a gift. Treat yourself to jewelry, funny quote sweatshirt, or other cool gift items. Keep in mind that Home Gift and More has some great jewelry, apparel, and home accessory gifts.                                                            

2. Show Some Self-Love - Uplift your spirits by writing an affirmation for yourself. Our value as human beings is not defined by our relationship status. Affirmations are a way to remind yourself how special you are.                                                                                                    

3. Hang Out With Other Singles - Take the ideas from our last blog post (10 Non-Traditional Valentine's Day Date Ideas) and rally a group of single friends to hang out with you. Some of the tips mentioned are equally as fun with a group of singles.                                                    

4. Quiet Evening At Home - There is nothing wrong with staying home. Hanging with the kids, watching a movie, or relaxing with your dog or cat are just a few great ways to spend the evening at home. 

5. Adopt a Valentine - Show your love of others by volunteering to spend time with a senior or adopting a family at a domestic violence shelter. Whether you choose to give your adopted Valentine a card or buy a gift, you can make someone else's Valentine's Day special. 


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