10 Non-Traditional Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is less than 1 month away, so it's time to think about what you will get your sweetheart for the special day. The idea of Valentine's Day is to spend time with the one you love and share unique experiences together. Are you thinking about unique ways to spend time together this Valentine's Day or are you planning to deliver the usual dinner, flowers, and chocolate? Whether you are just starting a new relationship or you have been together for a while, traditional Valentine's Day gifts and activities just seem boring nowadays. 
Here is 10 Unique Date Ideas To Spice Up Your Valentine's Day:
1.   Book a Couples Cooking Class - Make dinner hands-on by attending a couples cooking class. Cooking classes are a great way to have fun while learning how to cook a new cuisine or bake a dessert. You can also learn how to mix a new alcoholic drink in a mixology class. Places like The Brooklyn Kitchen (thebrooklynkitchen.com) and the Institute of Culinary Education (recreational.ice.edu) are a couple of places in the New York City area that offer recreational cooking classes.
2.   Helicopter Ride - View your city from above by taking a helicopter ride around your city. See the attractions in your city or take a sunset tour from the comfort of a helicopter. Places like Helo Tours (http://heloaustin.com) in Austin are just one of many helicopter tour companies that have special Valentine's Day tours. 
3.   Small Gifts - Try giving your sweetheart gifts throughout the week leading up to Valentine's Day. You can even hide the gifts, throughout the house, where your sweetheart is sure to find it. Save the main gift for Valentine's Day. Your sweetheart will absolutely love the thought and attention you put into the entire experience.
4.   Bring The Celebration Home - Restaurants and other places are always packed on Valentine's Day. Consider bringing the perfect Valentine's Day experience to your home. You can hire a personal chef to cook at your home for the night or arrange for an in-home couple spa day. Get extra creative and hire a musician to sing a special song to your sweetheart during dinner. Regardless of how you choose to bring the Valentine's Day celebration home, the night is sure to be memorable. 
5.   Poet For Hire - Is your sweetheart a poetry fan? If so, hire a poet to give a personal poetry reading. You can find poets for hire and/or freelance on Upwork (upwork.com). You can also contact your local university or local community arts groups to find poets for hire. Some communities also have an appointed poet laureate that may be able to provide the service for you or connect you to other local poets.   
6.   Create Romantic Written Poems Or Notes - There is something about handwritten notes that make your heart melt. Write romantic notes for your Valentine expressing your love and how much you care for your sweetheart. You can also use your Poet for Hire to create romantic themed poems for you. Whether you write notes or poems, your sweetheart will appreciate the extra time you took to make the evening special.
7.   Painting Class - Paint the night away together! Even if you don't consider yourself an artist, couples painting classes are a great way to have fun as a couple. You can paint on each other (denartny.com) or on a canvas while sipping a glass of wine (pinotspalette.com). No matter if you choose to paint your body or a canvas, you will definitely create a memorable Valentine's Day experience.  
8.   Escape Room - Escape rooms are popping up everywhere. This is a great activity whether you are just hanging out with your sweetheart or if you are on a group date. Escape rooms allow you to choose a theme or mystery to solve and you have to find clues to escape the room in a specific amount of time. If you are a couple that loves puzzles, this is definitely a great experience you don't want to miss. Escape the Room in Oregon (escapetheroomoregon.com) and Escape Room Wisconsin (escaperoomwisconsin.com) are just some of the escape room locations around the country. Use Google to help you locate the nearest escape room to you!
9.  Become A Tourist In Your Hometown - Isn't it funny how you probably have never visited any of the tourist locations in your hometown? Plan a Valentine's Day visiting tourist locations around your city. This is a great way to see your town from a whole new view. 
10. Recreate A Special Memory - Where did you meet? Where did you get engaged? Where did you go for your first date? Think about all of the places that represent significant experiences in your relationship and DIY your gift. Create a memory box or collage of photos that reflect one significant moment in your relationship or your entire relationship. You can post or place the memories or items around the house or create a gift basket or gift box with all of the special memories. 
We hope these tips are useful for your Valentine's Day planning! 
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